We are pleased to invite you to the Jeonbuk International Finance Conference(JIFIC) which will be held at the National Intangible Heritage Center in Jeonju of Jeollabuk-do Province, Korea in December 6, 2018.

As the National Pension Service(NPS) Investment Management, which manages the world's top three pension funds worth of more than 640 trillion won opened its new era in Jeollabuk-do Province, we are seeking ways to develop into an international financial center with specialization in the pension funds and agricultural biology.

A small city with a population of 360,000, Sacramento of California, the U.S. has transformed itself from an agriculture-based city into a global leading financial city with 9 times increase in tax revenue, 100,000 job creation and 26 trillion won in investment affect since it attracted public official pension funds in 1992.

The 2018 JIFIC, co-hosted by the Jeollabuk-do Provincial Government and the NPS, is the first step to announce the construction of the international financial city at Jeonju.

We expect that the conference will bring distinguished international financial experts to discuss strategies for Jeollabuk-do Province to become “a financial business hub in pension funds and agricultural biology” and to share the flow of global finance.

We hope you can experience the future financial center, Province of Jeollabuk-do, through the Jeonbuk International Finance Conference 2018. Thank you.

Governor of Jeollabuk-do, Ha-jin Song

Governor of Jeollabuk-do

We are honored to welcome prestigious domestic and international financial experts to the 2018 Jeonbuk International Finance Conference, co-organized by the North Jeolla Provincial Government and the National Pension Service.

As finance is a core industry for economic growth and job creation, countries around the world are doing their utmost to foster the expansion of their financial industry through deregulation, creation of financial hubs, and support for new financial sectors.

For its part, the National Pension Service is also seeking to diversify profit generation in an effort to stabilize long-term profitability of its Pension Fund, as well as to create favorable investment environment in preparation for the age of the 1,000 trillion won Fund.

In this respect, the JIFIC 2018 represents a significant platform for the future operation of the National Pension Fund and the development of the national financial industry with North Jeolla at the forefront of its development efforts.

We hope that the discussions at this year’s conference will gather and put forth the innovative ideas of the invited financial experts and participants.

I sincerely welcome you all, and I wish you a most enjoyable stay in Jeonju.

Chairman and CEO,National Pension Service  Sung Joo Kim

Chairman & CEO,
National Pension Service